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Little Miss Gloria - Summer Playdate Session

I met Gloria's mother, Michaela, because we have a similar passion for helping other people and a special place in our hearts for refugees. So, we happened to have about a million mutual friends on Facebook, and somehow I STILL hadn't met her in person! So, we connected online and then one day I was able to go over to her home and she was amazing! She made me dinner and was such a wonderful hostess. AND we talked and figured out how many things we have in common, and we could talk for hours. Her daughter, Gloria, was SO excited to have company, and I was enchanted by this beautiful little girl who is full of joy and energy!

Gloria is a fun, sassy, feisty little girl who dances around and almost can't sit still. She has modeled in the past, so she knows all about the camera, and was excited to have her photos taken! We played in the studio and then went outside for a few shots. I think she didn't stop moving the entire time :) We had a blast! We danced around, she jumped on a little trampoline, we read a book, and ran races (and circles!) and danced outside. 

Enjoy the photos of this little joyful dancing girl!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Go and and hit contact at the top of the page and contact me - I'd love to photograph some playdate memories of your little one!