Christine Elizabeth


For a Midwestern girl, I have a pretty 'exotic' life. It's normal for me, but when I tell people what I do with my time, I get pretty surprised responses. I'm a Spanish interpreter when I'm not photographing. And I work with several groups in the South Sudanese community here in Omaha, usually with my camera. I love people and I love to tell stories. I am fascinated by different cultures, and how those cultures fit into my city. We have so many cultures here in our city, and people with some pretty incredible stories. Yet many of the immigrant and refugee populations here are invisible to the majority of the city. I want to use my camera to help tell their stories. The people you will see in my humanitarian photo projects are some of the most inspiring, passionate, talented people you could imagine....and with the slightest bit of help, they take their ideas and hit the ground running. And I've seen them accomplish more than I would ever have imagined was possible. If you have questions about any of the organizations or communities shown here, PLEASE contact me. I'd love to share more information with you!